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Hello fellow "forward thinkers". That's the new term for us old-fashioned folks that choose to grow and make our own "stuff", according to "Ivory" at Little House in the Suburbs.
For the first time in almost 40 years I get to be hip.
Well, this blog will be my place to share about what I do to live more naturally and frugally. And to get to "meet" you folks that are also interested in such things. I will give info on my soaps and other products available (for those of you who would rather buy natural items) as well as give info about how to make some stuff (for those of you who prefer to make natural items.)
If there is something you would like to see included or that you have questions about let me know.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shampoo Bars

I am working on making shampoo bars and head-to-toe soaps (for hair, body, and shaving). I have researched and developed recipes and I’ve ordered all of the special oils and plant extracts. Now I’m just waiting for the last of them to arrive. I’ll be using some old tried and true recipes and some new ones that I developed from recent research.
I will be posting some special hair rinse recipes to co-ordinate with the shampoo bars.
I was just reading a post about using soap instead of shampoo on Little House in the Suburbs. I think it is cool that this came up on the day that I was making these.
I’ll do a follow up after these are ready to let you know how the new recipes turn out.
By the way, I may have made some progress on the liquid laundry soap, but the jury is still out so I’ll will say more on this later.

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