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Monday, December 14, 2009

Virtual Cookie Swap

I am interrupting my normal posts for a little holiday fun.

Hillbilly Housewife invited fellow bloggers to join this Virtual Cookie Swap


So here is my recipe:


Peanut Butter Criss Cross Cookies

Cream together:

1/2 cup butter

1/2 cup lard

1 cup brown sugar


1 cup peanut butter

2 well beaten eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

Stir in:

3 cups flour

1 tsp. baking soda

1/3 tsp. salt   

Roll into walnut size balls. Roll in sugar. Place on baking sheet at least two inches apart. Press with fork, in criss-cross pattern. Bake at 350* for about 12 min.

Peanut butter cookies is one of my husband’s favorites. And, my grandma used to make the best. These aren’t quite hers, but they are nice and peanuty. I got this recipe from a cookbook that my husbands great aunt put out for a family reunion.



  1. I love peanut butter cookies. Unfortunately, my peanut butter cookies no longer can contain regular flour, but my family still loves traditional peanut butter cookies. Thank you for the recipe.

  2. awww... these Criss Cross Peanut Butter Cookies make me feel all warm and nostalgic. We used to make these as kids and haven't made them since! I used to believe my Mom invented using a fork to make the criss cross pattern in her peanut butter cookies. I thought she was a genius! Well, she was, but that's another story. :D

    Thanks for the sweet trip down memory lane and the great recipe. I think I may just make my first batch ever as a grown up!

  3. Thank you for coming over to my blog! I see it's been a while since you posted, so I hope you get this message (BTW have just printed this cookie recipe. Oh, yummmmmmmmm...)